A quarterly event series about boundary-defying work and cross-discipline collaboration, packed with tech demos, discussion and inspirational keynotes.

The events bring together artists, inventors, writers, directors, coders and content producers to share the practical and inspirational details of their brilliant ideas.

The carefully selected speakers combine hands-on demonstrations with exemplary case studies that tease out the philosophy and practice of collaborative design.

Attendees get to poke around and play a bit, then discuss and reflect on projects that push the boundaries of cross-discipline work.

Our aim is to encourage open, informed and creative conversations around the wealth of opportunities for storytelling and audience engagement presented by emerging technology.

Since the inaugural event at Furtherfield focussed on wearable tech, Artful Spark has travelled through immersive soundsensors, mixed reality and more, featuring the best in boundary-defying work: Imogen Heap’s magical Mi Mu gloves, musical barcodes, Björk’s binaural retrospective at MoMA, art you can taste, time travelling echo horns, and Linguine, an operating system for cities.

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Images of all events can be found here on Flickr.

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