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In review: #05 Real time

After a 2017 hiatus (that passed in a flash!) Artful Spark bounced back with a bumper January edition alongside the Royal Shakespeare Company focussed on real-time technologies.

Read on for holograms, tap-dance, reactive LEDs and the most advanced motion capture suit in the world.

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Full program: Artful Spark #05 x Royal Shakespeare Company: Real Time

After a little 2017 hiatus, we’re hitting the ground running on Wednesday 10th, alongside the Royal Shakespeare Company and a plethora of demos to get your hands on.

Wednesday 10th Jan, Barbican Fountain Room (ground floor)
Doors at 6pm


The RSC’s Sarah Ellis and Epic Games’ Ben Lumsden
A play that couldn’t be more suited to real-time special effects, RSC’s The Tempest was produced in collaboration with Intel and in association with The Imaginarium Studios.
@sarahnellis // @BenjLumsden // Take a look behind the scenes [Video]

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Teaser #05 – Royal Shakespeare Company + real time tech

This special edition of Artful Spark uses a truly boundary-defying project to show just how exciting it is when technology and performance collide.

The RSC’s cutting-edge production of The Tempest pushes real-time motion capture and projection mapping to the limit.

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Hear Sarah Ellis, Director of Digital Development at the RSC, reflect on how projects like this are challenging and changing performance.

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