Every Artful Spark event (and flyer) since the first in 2015 all in one place.

#07 Producers, Unite!

Often misunderstood but absolutely essential: what makes a great producer?

Speakers: Matt Adams, Andrea Moccia, JiaXuan Hon, Tim Wright, Dan Tucker, Russell McLean, Muki Kulhan

Demos: Netflix’s proprietary branching-narrative tool behind Bandersnatch

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#06 Playful Interfaces

Tired of touchscreens? Ditch the keyboard and join us for something far more playful.

Speakers: Tim Burrell-Saward, Robin Baumgarten, Phoenix Perry, Daniel Hirschmann

Demos: Beasts of Balance, Bot Party, 3D light rig, Pixel wall

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#05 Real-Time

Featuring a truly boundary-defying project showing just how exciting it is when technology and performance collide.

Speakers: Sarah Ellis, Ben Lumsden, Laura Kriefman, Tom Burton, Katy Beale

Demos: The MoCap suit developed by RSC, Intel & Imaginarium, Holo Gauze, Kicking the Mic, RAM Dance Toolkit

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#04 Mixed Reality

Exploring how reality can be poked and prodded in the name of art: softened at the edges, sprinkled with wonder and supercharged.

Speakers: Ruth Gibson, Bruno Martelli, David Kaskell, Sarah Grochala, Michael Takeo Magruder

Demos: Richard Wetzel’s Mixed Reality card deck, Holo Lens from Fracture Games, HTC Vive from Preloaded, Breaking Fourth’s GearVR theatre show & the Guardian’s 6×9 on Cardboard

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#03 Sensors

From biometrics to proximity, pollution, pressure and gesture, the machines are awake and listening like never before!

Speakers: Tom Pursey, Ling Tan, Matt Johnson, Tarim, Rosie Poebright, Simon Johnson

Demos: Bodiam Castle’s Echo Horn, range of Bare Conductive kit, Tarim’s telekinetic rods

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#02 Immersive Sound

Celebrating the virtues of sound in all its forms: interactive, immersive and intoxicating

Speakers: Ron Herrema, Tony Churnside, Tim Murray-Browne

Demos: Musical barcodes

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#01 Wearables

Featuring flying Bluetooth capes and magical MiMu gloves, the inaugural Artful Spark kicked off in November 2015 at the wonderful Furtherfield Gallery.

Speakers: Rachel Freire, Tincuta Heinzel, Tine Bech, Zoe Philpotts

Demos: MiMu Gloves

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