Speakers and demos announced – #04 mixed reality

Tickets are now sold out! The lucky few are in for a treat of the senses. Read on for full event details and speakers.

Image: © Ruth Gibson 2015

Artful Spark #04 – Mixed Reality
Tuesday 27th September, 6:30pm
The Fountain Room, Barbican (ground floor)


Ruth Gibson & Bruno Martelli, Gibson/Martelli

British electronic arts duo Gibson / Martelli make live simulations using performance capture, computer generated models and an array of technologies including Virtual Reality. Artworks of infinite duration are built within game engines where surround sound heightens the sense of immersion. They playfully address the position of the self in relation to technology, examining ideas of player, performer and visitor — intertwining familiar tropes of video games and art traditions of figure & landscape.



David Kaskel, Breaking Fourth

Having founded multiple technology and games companies, David established Breaking Fourth in 2015 to explore the new possibilities that virtual reality offers to narrative content. As a lifelong fan of all forms of storytelling – from theatre to video games and comics – David conceived the world’s first longform virtual reality drama for mobile VR, Ctrl.



Sarah Grochala and Michael Takeo Magruder, Headlong Theatre

Michael is a visual artist who works with real-time data, digital archives, immersive environments, mobile devices and virtual worlds. Michael’s art has been shown in over 250 exhibitions in 34 countries.

Sarah is a playwright, dramaturg and academic, working with Headlong since 2012 on a range of projects exploring the cross-over between digital and live experiences.

Their talk is about The Nether Realm, a living virtual world inspired by Jennifer Haley’s play, The Nether. The artwork explores the ways in which virtual environments can be the product of our activities in real life and considers the idea that the moral character of these online public spaces is ultimately dependent on how we create and interact with them.

www.sarahgrochala.com | @SarahGrochala


www.headlong.co.uk | @HeadlongTheatre

Technical demos

Mixed Reality Game Cards (Richard Wetzel)

Play your way to combining digital tech and the physical world with these handy cards offering an amazing array of challenges and inspiration.

Designed and hosted by @herr_wetzel

HoloLens (Fracture Games)

Get a taste of Microsoft’s forthcoming mixed reality offering, presented by Fracture Games, a digital-creative company focused on Mixed Reality. 


6×9 on Samsung Gear (The Guardian)

Imagine 23 hours a day in a 6×9 cell, for weeks, months, even years. Experience journalism at its innovative best.

Produced by @franpanetta

Tilt Brush on HTC Vive (Preloaded)

A new medium of artistic expression that puts you inside your creation


Ctrl on Samsung Gear (Breaking Fourth)

Theatre, gaming and storytelling combine like never before


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