A preview – #04 – mixed reality

This edition explores how reality can be poked and prodded in the name of art: softened at the edges, sprinkled with wonder and supercharged to deliver powerful experiences.

With Magic Leap waiting in the wings and Cardboard, Rift and Vive fighting for top spot, emerging products like Tilt Brush are calling out for artists to bring them to life and immersive, full-body experiences are using hidden technology to offer a playful filter on the familiar.

Real and imagined worlds can be blended like never before. We’ll be shining a light behind the scenes and asking how a diverse community of artists, technicians and producers are developing a shared creative language to keep pace with the rapidly emerging possibilities.

Head to the Barbican on Tuesday September 27th for the fourth edition of Artful Spark – our one year anniversary! – and join thinkers, makers, commissioners, coders and creators for a night of inspirational keynotes, practical demos and drinks.

Artful Spark is a quarterly event series for a growing creative community to explore cross-discipline collaboration and share boundary-defying work. Our previous sell-out events focussed on wearables, immersive sound and sensors.

6:30, Tuesday September 27th, The Barbican Fountain Room (ground floor)

Suggest yourself or someone you know for a Speaker slot here.

Suggest yourself or a smart tinkerer you know to do a tech demo.

Since the inaugural event at Furtherfield focussed on wearable tech, Artful Spark has travelled through immersive sound and sensors, featuring the best in boundary defying work: Imogen Heap’s magical Mi Mu gloves, flying Bluetooth capes, musical barcodes, Björk’s binaural retrospective at MoMA, art you can taste, time travelling echo horns and Linguine, an operating system for cities.

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