Artful Spark #01 – wearable tech

A new series of quarterly events facilitating better communication andcollaboration between creative technologists and arts/media professionals*

Artful Spark is not a sales pitch or a soapbox, but a way for people who might not know about projection mapping or haptic controllers to see technologies demo’d and discuss their potential for new ways of telling stories and making experiences.

Our speakers will demonstrate technologies- from how to turn them on to talking about their capabilities for creative content.  They’ll also talk about their own projects and be frank about the hurdles they’ve encountered along the way.

For our inaugural event we’re focusing on Wearable Tech

Update: images of the event here on Flickr.


Rachel Freire is a clothing designer and leather specialist working across multiple disciplines of fashion, film and stage.  She is textile developer for the Mi Mu Gloves:

Zoe Philpott, Creator of Ada.Ada.Ada, a new show about Ada Lovelace which combines interactive theatre, science lecture, and wearable technology:

Tine Bech, professional artist and researcher (PhD), uses technology to create large scale public artworks, interactive spaces, and participatory games that engage people into play and participation:

Tincuta Heinzel is an artist, designer and curator interested in the relationship between arts and technosciences.  Currently she is a research fellow at Nottingham Trent University in the frame of “An Internet of Soft Things” project.

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