Teaser #05 – Royal Shakespeare Company + real time tech

This special edition of Artful Spark uses a truly boundary-defying project to show just how exciting it is when technology and performance collide.

The RSC’s cutting-edge production of The Tempest pushes real-time motion capture and projection mapping to the limit.

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Hear Sarah Ellis, Director of Digital Development at the RSC, reflect on how projects like this are challenging and changing performance.

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A preview – #04 – mixed reality

This edition explores how reality can be poked and prodded in the name of art: softened at the edges, sprinkled with wonder and supercharged to deliver powerful experiences.

With Magic Leap waiting in the wings and Cardboard, Rift and Vive fighting for top spot, emerging products like Tilt Brush are calling out for artists to bring them to life and immersive, full-body experiences are using hidden technology to offer a playful filter on the familiar.

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Review of #03 – sensors at the Barbican

Despite the Barbican’s charming warren of tunnels, mezzanines and sneaky entrances, everyone made it to our new home for a feast of the senses and sensors…

Our aim with any theme – sensors, this time around – is not to obsess over the tech, but use it as a lightning rod to pull interesting projects together and generate debate around the collision of artistic, commercial and technical approaches. There follows a quick summary of the night.

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A preview – #03 – sensors

This Spring, the third event in the Artful Spark series will focus on sensors.

From biometrics to proximity, pollution, pressure and gesture, the machines are awake and listening like never before! Come and explore the opportunities for storytelling, audience engagement and social innovation with leaders in the field.

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Artful Spark #02 – immersive sound

Artful Spark #02 has been confirmed for 14th January. An inspiring start to 2016!

It’s a ticketed event and the last one sold out, so get yours on the Eventbrite page

Our speakers will demonstrate technologies – from how to turn them on to their capabilities for creative content – and share the practical, inspirational details behind their brilliant ideas.

The theme for Artful Spark #02 is immersive sound.


Tony Churnside
Tony is a Creative Technology Director and digital innovator with a history of successful, high-impact experiences. He is an author of international technical publications and recently worked on Björk’s retrospective at MoMA, NYC.

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Artful Spark #02 – a preview

With touchscreens and virtual reality dominating the headlines, the power and simplicity of sound often goes un-noticed.

In the next instalment of Artful Spark we’ll hear from some cutting edge practitioners celebrating the virtues of sound in all its forms: interactive, immersive and intoxicating.

Save the date: Thursday 14th January 2016

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