A preview – #03 – sensors

This Spring, the third event in the Artful Spark series will focus on sensors.

From biometrics to proximity, pollution, pressure and gesture, the machines are awake and listening like never before! Come and explore the opportunities for storytelling, audience engagement and social innovation with leaders in the field.

Are you a developer creating the new breed of haptic controllers for virtual reality experiences? Have you been hacking public spaces with off the shelf kit since the good old days of dial up and Netscape? Did you collaborate on a pioneering interactive film powered by the emotional reactions of its audience? Come and share your success with people from other industries!

Suggest yourself or someone you know for a Speaker slot here.

Suggest yourself or a smart tinkerer you know to do a tech demo.

The inaugural Artful Spark focused on wearable tech and featured Imogen Heap’s magical Mi Mu gloves, an interactive dress packed with LEDs inspired by Ada Lovelace and Bluetooth capes that had people trying to fly. The second event explored immersive sound, from building music out of barcodes to an audio-driven retrospective at MoMA for pioneering musician Björk.

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